Mwanzo is dedicated to creating a network of economically sustainable villages, whose economies have been heavily impacted by HIV/AIDS. All of our activities are focused on community-identified needs, and are developed in collaboration with local stakeholders. We are committed to respecting and honoring the efforts and knowledge of local people in understanding the needs of their communities. Mwanzo provides organizational and capacity-building support for these villages in several ways:


We provide nursery school education, day care, and nutritional support to the growing ranks of children who have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS, and promote educational success through scholarships and other support for children in primary and secondary schools.

Micro Enterprise

Mwanzo is creating a support network among villages to enhance economic self-sufficiency through diverse cash and food crops production, micro-loans and technical assistance.


There is an urgent need for communities to enhance both the quality and quantity of the crops they grown. Mwanzo trains farmers to diversify, and helps introduce new and creative ways of raising crops and livestock while maintaining and respecting tradition.