The Fruits of Our Labor

This is an update we are especially proud to bring you. Those who were able to attend Loyce’s speeches at UCUCC know that we’ve made tremendous progress over the last year in building 4 new classrooms, in addition to the dining hall detailed in a post last month.

We will let the photos speak for themselves, but we are extremely proud of the work that went into constructing these big, bright classrooms. Teams of local laborers worked from sun-up to sun-down 6 days a week to bring Loyce’s vision to life. It was very hard work for them, but they believed in what they were building and gave their hearts to our effort. Because of their persistence, and your contributions, our students now have 4 classrooms that wouldn’t look out of place here in the United States. Students and teachers have so much more room than before, and we are particularly happy with how vibrant the colors turned out in each classroom!

But four classrooms are not enough to say our job is done. This year, we will begin construction on a 2nd floor above these classrooms. The addition of 4 more classrooms will not only allow us to educate and care for a greater number of students, but explore new and exciting opportunities to specialize our educational offerings for older children, really giving them the tools they need to be successful in or beyond Rabuor, and bringing Mwanzo Education Center closer to self-sustaining.

For now, we ask you to take a look through the pictures of our journey to this point. Celebrate and rejoice in this milestone, and the good you’ve helped us bring to the children of Rabuor!