A Deep Thank-You to Our Friends at UCUCC

From Day One, individual members and leaders within University Congregational United Church of Christ in Seattle have been a bedrock of support to Loyce Ong’udi and Mwanzo. This support has expressed itself in different ways.

Recently, at a hosted event, one of the Church’s ministers, Peter Ilgenfritz, shared a heartwarming message of solidarity with Loyce and the community members in Kenya who are our indispensable partners in creating “New Beginnings” (Mwanzo) .

On behalf of the Board and Loyce, I am sharing this message with our community of supporters.

Dear Loyce,

As you gather with your Seattle community today to celebrate Mwanzo and prepare to travel there again, we surround you with our hope and prayers.

Your ongoing, faithful and fruitful work in Rabuor continues to be a source of joy. Your capacity to awaken in us a sense of connection and commitment is truly a gift.

Please greet your family, the schoolchildren and staff, and the folks at St. Mathews parish for us, and remind them that they are also remembered here in our prayers. And when you are done there for the season, hurry home to us and tell us all the new stories of the good things accomplished in Rabuor.

Blessings to you,

Catherine Foote, Peter Ilgenfritz, Amy Roon, and David Anderson

Our Deepest Thank You to All Members of the Mwanzo Family - Here and There!

On behalf of Loyce and our Mwanzo Board of Trustees, I share my deepest gratitude to the UCUCC community, which during the April 2018 "Special Offering" gifted funds to Mwanzo. This profound expression of support for our work in Kenya means so much:  that UCUCC members believe in this labor of love as an expression of our Faith in Christ and solidarity with others; that Mwanzo will continue to move closer to completing our primary school; and that your helping hand results in hope and opportunity for the residents in Rabuor and her 11 surrounding communities.

I also want to recognize other Friends of Mwanzo, both within and outside of the UCUCC family, who during the March - May 2018 period donated funds to support our work.  We are deeply grateful to each of you!

Finally, I am honored to say a special "Bless You" to our partners in Kenya, the people who are the reason why Mwanzo was founded in 2011.  Everyday our teachers, school and administrative staff, members of Mwanzo Energetic Proud Farmers, and many others are taking our gifts and turning them into hope, opportunity, and services that benefit so many.

Sometimes this is nothing more important than saying to others:  We Care, You Matter to Us, We Walk Different Roads Together.  

Thanks to you, our voice is stronger as we proclaim joyfully:  "Mwanzo - Hope Has a Home Here!"

Blessings to you.

Mark Peterson
Chair, Mwanzo Board
Facebook: Mwanzo Proud Farmers
(206) 930-3394

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Please Join Us on March 25th and April 8th!

Come One, Come All!

Mwanzo’s (www.mwanzo.org and “Mwanzo Proud Farmers” on Facebook) founder, executive director, and our dear friend, Loyce Ong’udi, has returned to Seattle after three and a half months of fruitful work in Rabuor, Kenya.  On Loyce’s behalf, the Mwanzo Board invites you to attend one of two presentations on March 25th and April 8th from 11:45-1:00 in Ostrander Hall at University Congregational United Church of Christ (UCUCC), located at 4515 16th Avenue NE Seattle, WA 98105).  Loyce will be sharing stories that will touch your heart, and cover Mwanzo’s plans for the next 2-5 years.

Please bring family members, including children, and friends to Ostrander Hall, located in the basement of UCUCC.  We will serve light refreshments (juice, cookies, crackers, fruit, and mini-sandwiches) to feed the body so that you hear the powerful message of hope and opportunity engendered by Loyce’s work in partnership with the residents of Rabuor - her home village - and the nearby communities that benefit from your support.

New Water Cisterns

New Water Cisterns

Construction on the 2nd Story Progresses!

Construction on the 2nd Story Progresses!

The School Takes Shape Indeed!

The School Takes Shape Indeed!

A Catering Business Begins

A Catering Business Begins