We're Busy Indeed!

We are in the sixth week of our 2018 school year!  Our new teachers, Alphone and Mika, are settling in, and personally I can see improvements to the general day-to-day MEC operations. Our biggest challenge is finding sufficient staff office space; right now, several teachers use the shaded space under a tree to meet and discuss school plans.

The ongoing construction - though a big distraction to the students - proceeds quickly, with the installation of classroom doors and windows on the second story.  We are grateful that so far no student has come into any harm -- thanks to the orderliness of all our staff and the contractor’s team.   

It is heartwarming to watch the new student leaders take charge during the week, especially when serving the little ones during lunch breaks.  This past week, Grade 4 lead the assembly in close tandem with grade 3.  They sang Kenya’s national anthem with so much gusto – off tune at times, but the words “…may we dwell in unity, peace and liberty…” rang true for all.

Last week, I met with individuals who may be partners in an effort to address the community water problems.  Additionally, Mwanzo sponsored agriculture training led by officials from the Ministry of Agriculture for close to 100 farmers in Rabuor.

We are pleased too with the ongoing progress with a new catering business that several community members are establishing.  

Thank you from the bottom of our heart for the support that allows us to walk hand-in-hand with community members in generating new opportunities and possibilities.  I look forward to sharing these stories of accomplishment with you in person in March.



Loyce Ong'udi

Sorting Eggs

Sorting Eggs

Loyce Leading a PTA Meeting

Loyce Leading a PTA Meeting