Mwanzo Nursery School Students Win Creativity Competition

On June 30th, students from our Mwanzo Education Center Nursery School participated with 29 other public and private schools in a district musical competition in Chulaimbo. The competition was sponsored by the Kenyan Ministry of Education Science and Technology, and featured singing, dancing, and fashion shows. In Kenya, musical/dance competitions are as much a part of the culture as our most popular sports here in the states – perhaps even more so, as schools across the country are expected to participate. And like sports, the “playoffs” begin at a district level, and proceed through regional stages to a national-level “final.”

Our three-to-five year old students not only participated in these events, but took first place in English chorus, Ndombolo dancing, fashion show, creativity, and African solo singing! Additionally, the children took second place in Swahili and Luo chorus.

With such a strong showing, our students were named the overall Best-in-Show among all 30 schools, and were also awarded certificates for cleanliness, orderliness, and subject matter knowledge.

The school’s Head Teacher, Mrs. Margaret Oluoch Otieno, was beaming with pride when she called to tell us about this accomplishment – and this is something that all of our donors can all take pride in as well. Because of your support, Mwanzo was rent a van for the school. That van made it possible for these bright, talented kids to travel seven miles from Rabuor Village and return with a trophy in hand!

For now our schoolchildren are basking in their immediate accomplishment, and look forward to their next opportunity to display their skills at the regional completion on July 20th.  Stay tuned for further information; for now, enjoy the pictures below and share in the joy and pride of the children, their families, and their community!