October Progress!

Our Executive Director Loyce has been in Rabuor for the past month ramping up various Mwanzo projects. She reports that the village has been going through a prolonged drought, and although this poses a problem for farmers, spirits in the community are still high and our various construction projects are continuing as planned. The following is her report:

Mwanzo Education Center

Graduation ceremonies are set to take place on November 7th. The local PTA is holding ongoing meetings for planning one of the biggest, most joyful events of the year. For this event, the school has been gifted a new music system – which our kids wasted no time in trying out and dancing to. We will be certain to share pictures and video soon after the ceremony takes place!

Evaluators from the TUSOME program – an early literacy initiative from USAID and the Kenyan Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology, visited out school and suggested that Mathematics may become part of the curriculum as soon as next year.

Grade 1 and 2 teachers Grace and Sharon, as well as head teacher Margaret were invited to be part of the 2017 strategic planning meeting in Kisumu. We are thrilled that our teachers can take part in district-wide planning, and have a chance to develop and network with others.

Construction Updates

Digging of the pit latrine has been completed! The stalls and outhouse will begin construction next week.  I have to say it has been eye opening to watch the long hours, difficult work, and dedication of the workers who have been chipping away granite rocks in the over 95-degree heat daily.

The first half of the materials required for completion of the first four, 620 square-foot classrooms have been purchased. We have identified a need to expand the dining area since the number of students will be increasing, as well as the need to upgrade the electrical system in the old building. Work has been fast-paced and progress is visible as you can see in the pictures below.

Our work continues to march forward every day! And while our projects continue, I would like to extend my thanks to those who have donated and contributed to our work. Especially in difficult times such as the current drought, your contributions to this community are truly felt and appreciated.

Please enjoy these recent pictures from Rabuor!