June 2017 Update from Rabuor and Our Mwanzo Education Center


The activities of the school have continued as they were planned without hitches. Students and teachers have been able to continue with their roles without much supervision.  The students have been very positive and consistent in attending the lessons despite the many ups and downs.  Life has not been very easy for the past two months.  Most of the families were not able to provide adequate meals to the children in their homes due to the soaring prices of foodstuffs in Kenya.  This therefore shows why learners - even when sick - were ever present in school-they were able to be served with breakfast and lunch promptly in school.

The school is also benefiting the community in several ways.  On 11th June 2017, the Church had a conference and asked for the kitchen, the dining hall and the utensils to assist them in serving the congregation with food.  They also had a Diocese meeting in early May.  This was done and they were very happy with the kind of services that Mwanzo Education Centre provided to them without restrictions.  The church was not shy to ask for further cooperation with the school in different areas.

The nursery department in the country always organizes for competition dubbed CREATIVE ACTIVITIES.  Mwanzo as a school also took learners drawn from nursery section to go and compete in the above mentioned activities. The competition was held at Mbaka Oromo Primary School, which is ten miles from our school on the 14th June 2017.  The learners were exemplary and managed the following positions.

·         Singing game                          Position 1

·         Creative dance                        Position 1

·         Solo verse English                  Position 2

·         Fashion Show                         Position 1

The head teacher, parents, teachers and learners appreciated the financial support that was received from you through Cynthia, our accountant.  We used the amount to cater for the transport cost and lunch for all the competitors and the teachers who were available on that very day.  Mwanzo Education Centre is therefore proceeding to the next level of competition, which is known as the Sub County Level.  The venue is yet to be communicated by the sub county officials.  

Also. we are expecting the Ministry officials from any time from 21st June, 2017.  They will be coming to carry out an assessment of the school.

Country Manager

Jonathan Aluoka