Graduation Day 2016 at the Mwanzo Preparatory Academy

Mwanzo is thrilled to share with you pictures from our Mwanzo Preparatory Academy's Graduation Ceremony which took place on November 9th.  More than 25 children were recognized for successfully completing preschool, and transitioning in January 2017 to Grade One at our primary school!

When I hear the word "Graduation Day," I think of high school, participating in a formal ceremony viewed by family and close friends.  Then a big party.  In Rabuor, Graduation Day is a lengthier and - in several ways - more communal celebration, with teachers, parents, community leaders, and other students sharing in the accomplishments of the graduates.

This year's ceremony included a formal presentation of diplomas to the graduates, several speeches, dancing, and - for the first time - a "fashion show" featuring our wonderful children. Mwanzo hopes that you will rejoice in spirit with Mwanzo and our community members when viewing the video and pictures.

Loyce and our Board are so thankful for your support of and solidarity with the people of Rabuor and 10 nearby communities, who are benefiting every day from the education and training that Mwanzo provides.  Over the next weeks we will be adding new videos and photos that show a community in its richness and joy; please share with family and friends the "Good News" of love and justice in action!

Mark Peterson (Board Chair)