May 2016 Mwanzo Update

Our Executive Director, Loyce Ong'udi, is thrilled to share the below updates capturing the activities supported by your generous contributions

Mwanzo Education Center

  • The students are doing very well and are happy.  During the week of May 9th they received polio vaccinations and were dewormed.  Teachers are closely monitoring the students health owing to the heightened malaria risk during this exceptionally wet season.
  • An election for the new PTA board took place on May 2nd, and the following members were were chosen; Millicent Okoth, Owiti Oketch, Grace Muhanja, Grade 2 teacher; Margaret Oluoch, Headteacher, and Ominde, parent.
  • Teachers have so far attended three TUSOME trainings, and the adjudicators are keenly supervising the curriculum as before.  

MPF-Womens Groups

  • Community members are weeding their crops and inter-cropping with legumes; they are also adding recently purchased alkaline.  
  • Last week, with the assistance of Ministry of Agriculture personnel, the women transferred their various vegetable seedlings from seedbeds and had enough for individual kitchen gardens as well!
  • Women can hardly keep up with the sweet potatoes weeding due to so much rain.  Good news they are happy to have robust crop to eat.
  • Cosmas Opere will partition the three coops for chicks, and also construct fifteen hatcheries for laying eggs— five in each coop.